Many new products added to our online shop!

news update

Since the province has been in alert level 5, we've added a lot more products to our online shop.

Most recently, we've added a quilts and blankets section. Our selection of quilts are made in Long Harbor and our crochet lap blankets are made in St. John's. To see these, click on 'Gift Shop' then 'Quilts and Blankets'. You'll find the dimensions and more on the individual product pages.

Previous to adding the quilts and blankets online, we made a section of locally made sealskin bags, pouches, and dog collars. We'll add a variety of local products made with sealskin to this section on our website. We also added more plush toys to our online shop, like sock monsters and large raccoon dolls.

Check back in the coming weeks for an even greater selection of locally made things on our website.

We look forward to opening our doors at 284 Water Street. For now, we're happy to help you with your online and telephone purchases.

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